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A process
driven by efficiency

Packed to perfection

At Moens Mouldings we work hard to make sure every single package is pure perfection. We’re particularly obsessed with the dimensional accuracy of everything.

But our obsession doesn’t stop there. Whatever our clients need – we’ll make it. It could be a thinner wall thickness, multi-sided printing, round, rectangular or oval shape: we’ll find a way to make it work. Just ask – we’re ready to create perfection for you.

Leading the way

With sustainability at its heart, our new factory in Beverwijk is the cleanest of its kind. It also has an ingenious cooling system, a solar panel roof and an almost limitless choice of possible designs that can be produced. Everything has been designed for peak efficiency whilst reusing energy and raw materials.

A match made in nutritional heaven

Our R&D and quality team has years of experience in the development and production of plastic packaging for food. Every product’s needs are different. Cookies, fruit juice, paint, seeds, it all needs a specialist package. Our team understands exactly the right type of material and composition that’s needed for each.

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Making the impossible – and on time

Creating a bespoke solution is often perceived as the costly, time-consuming option. However, at Moens Mouldings the very opposite is true. With our unique mould and robot innovations, we can keep costs very low and speed up time-to-market.

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We keep reinventing ourselves

Our clients are very ambitious. Everyone wants their packaging lighter, stronger, more effective and more sustainable – challenge accepted. Where others walk away, we’re up for the chance to innovate.