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New cooling system in Werk 2

By 31 July 2018No Comments

A significantly lower energy bill thanks to the innovative cooling system

With the new cooling system in Werk 2, Moens Mouldings has significantly reduced its energy costs. But this innovative system has more advantages, especially for the clients of Moens Mouldings.

A state-of-the-art cooling system has been installed in the new factory to cool the injection moulders. This cooling system is an ingenious tour de force that uses free cooling. The system uses process water in a closed system and uses the free cooling on the roof to cool the process water in the outside air.

‘This state-of-the-art cooling system cools the machines and moulds and heats the building.’

An energy-neutral building
The cooling system is under higher pressure than conventional cooling systems. This allows us to use the free-cooling system for a longer period of time. The process heat, in turn, is used to feed the underfloor and air heating of the new offices and warehouse. It is an energy-efficient example of heat recovery that makes an important contribution to the building’s energy-neutral character.

The process water in the cooling system is not standard tap water, but specially treated water that does not affect the cooling system. This ensures that the system requires less maintenance and extends the service life of the moulds.