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Fully automated system for materials handling

By 31 July 2018No Comments

Fully automatic for the correct composition

Composing the aggregate for packaging is an exact science. Therefore, a fully automated system for materials handling has been installed in Werk 2.

This is an impressive system that looks like an ultra-modern church organ with its shiny pipes. The new materials handling system reduces the workload of the quality assurance unit and the production management of Moens Mouldings. For each product code, the material specification is entered once and then the granulate is transported fully automatically to the injection moulding machine by an ingenious pipeline system. The energy-saving vacuum pumps are only activated when material is required.

‘If just one particle of granulate from an earlier production cycle is left in the system, the packaging can turn out to be less sturdy than expected.’

Quality guaranteed
The pipes are completely drained per ring cycle, which means that no contamination with other materials can occur. This results in each packaging having exactly the same light-weight and strong characteristics that were developed on the drawing board.