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We are pioneers in Plastic Rigid Packaging
with a history of invention

Everyone at Moens Mouldings craves the unusual – multi-sided printing, exotic sizes, weird and wonderful shapes, the stranger the better. We believe that’s why we lead the field of IML packaging – we love working with customers who put our inventiveness to the test.

All of our solutions are at the forefront of sustainability and efficiency. A design philosophy that starts on the R&D drawing board and flows deep into the production process.

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Innovation and design:
a package deal

Our belief is that everything can be made lighter, stronger – more beautiful. It’s about finding the perfect balance of the experience of the item and its appearance. So we’ll work closely with our customers to get to that sweet spot. Where everything is just so. The perfect package.

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Moens Mouldings many
flavours under one roof

The butter and margarine market was one of the first to opt for our injection moulded packaging. Now producers from numerous market segments are now discovering us. Foodstuffs, paint, nursery trays for agriculture. Put us to the test and see what our innovative mould labelling technique can do for you.

Our experience

to the Max

Lighter, stronger, cheaper, even more durable – we’re obsessed with improving our products and processes. After all, every thousandth of a millimetre saved makes a huge difference to our customer’s bottom line.

It doesn’t stop there. Our specialists are always optimising the design and the ergonomics right through to logistics. We take efficiency to the max.


31 July 2018 in General news

Werk 2 put into service

‘You don’t pass on an opportunity like this.’ When a large business premises became available right across from Moens Mouldings in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, in…
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31 July 2018 in General news

New cooling system in Werk 2

A significantly lower energy bill thanks to the innovative cooling system With the new cooling system in Werk 2, Moens Mouldings has significantly reduced its…
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31 July 2018 in General news

Fully automated system for materials handling

Fully automatic for the correct composition Composing the aggregate for packaging is an exact science. Therefore, a fully automated system for materials handling has been…
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Partners for life

We’re not just an innovative IML packaging producer – we’re your partner. Together we’ll make your product a success with the highest possible return.

It’s a partnership built on trust and collaboration. We’ll work closely with you to develop the most efficient, cheapest, smartest packaging solution. A labour of love that’s worth every cent of investment.